2013 Asics Clovis Cross Country Invitational

Entry Process. 

1. Open and print "Meet information" file. Read bulletin completely.


                No, Really... Read the information.



2. Open and print "Entry form". Complete Entry form. Include actual CBED values and coach's correct email address

        We are very sorry, but the meet is Full. As of 9/9/13, we have pulled the mail-in entry form from the web.


3. Compute entry fee. Make check out to Clovis High School.

4. After August 1st: Mail Entry Form and Check together in same envelope.

                 Note: Due to the nature of the Woodward Park Course, we can only accommodate a limited number of schools each year. As a result, entries are first come, first served.


5. Wait for Coach Brenner to send online registration address and password via email after August 17th.


6."I have my Email from Coach Brenner. Where do I go next?"

7. When we email the registration password to you, go ahead and begin on-line registration (enter password twice... once for username, and once for password) PLEASE ENTER TEAM INFO AND ROSTER BY SEPT 25th.


8. "I already entered my team info into the database. How do I edit my roster without starting all over?"

9. Edit if needed until Sept. 28 (to edit, use same username and password as step 4, then enter email and your own password on "Gruntguys" page.)


10. After Oct. 1st, check http://www.clovisxc.com for starting line assignments.


11. Show up to Woodward Park on Oct.12th and RACE.


Extra Notices...

Password: on-line entries are possible after fees are received. To enter your team data on this web site, you need a password. This will be Emailed to the coach starting the week of August 12  (upon receipt of fees.) 

Championship races: We will take 20 teams in each race. Ranked teams are encouraged to compete in this race. If you would like, you may still have 7 athletes comprise another varsity team in a different race.

Recap of Timeline

8/1/13          Entry forms and fees may be mailed in.

8/17/13        High School On-Line Registration Begins (must pay fees first)

                        (Don't forget the Pasta Feed!)

8/30/13          Elementary/Jr. High meet.

9/17/13          Entry confirmation on www.Clovisxc.com begins.

9/25/13          Registration period ends

9/28/13          Roster editing ends

10/11/13          Packets available for pickup at Woodward Park at 3:00 pm

                      Pasta Feed at Kastner Intermediate School

10/12/13          Race Day!



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