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Clovis Invitational Watch List 

Clovis Invitational Watch List:  September 26, 2023-Final List will be posted October 3, 2023

Teams eventually selected for the championship race are expected to run a scoring team in the race.  Individuals selected to run in the championship race are expected to run in that race

See note below listing of individuals concerning participation in championship race

Teams Listed in Alphabetical Order

  1. ​Beckman 

  2. Buchanan 

  3. Crescentia Valley 

  4. Clovis East 

  5. Dana Hills 

  6. Davis 

  7. Great Oak 

  8. Granada 

  9. Jesuit 

  10. JSerra 

  11. Martin Luther King 

  12. Matilda Torres 

  13. Mira Costa 

  14. Newbury Park 

  15. Oakdale 

  16. Oak Ridge 

  17. Saint. Francis, La Canada 

  18. San Clemente 

  19. San Luis Obispo 

  20. Ventura 


  1. Lucas Cohen, Albany 

  2. Emmanuel Hernandez- Cathedral

  3. Emmanuel Perez- Cathedral 

  4. Teg Pandher, Clovis North

  5. Joshua Chu, Ponderosa 

  6. Joshua Bell, Templeton 

  7. Grant Morgenfeld, Palo alto 

  8. Broen Holman, Sonora (SJS)   

Teams Listed in Alphabetical Order

  1. ​Buchanan  

  2. Claremont 

  3. Clovis North 

  4. Granada   

  5. Granite Bay 

  6. JSerra  

  7. La Canada 

  8. La Jolla 

  9. Los Altos  

  10. Monte Vista  

  11. Murrieta Valley  

  12. Newbury Park 

  13. Oaks Christian 

  14. Palo Alto 

  15. Saint Francis, Mountain View 

  16. Saint Francis, Sacramento 

  17. Santiago 

  18. Saugus 

  19. Ventura  

  20. Lodi 


  1. Renae Searles, Alhambra 

  2. Reena Hsieh, Arcadia 

  3. Eleanor Raker, Galena 

  4. Mia Torrecillas, Highland (Bakersfield) 

  5. Gionna Lopizzo, La Costa Canyon 

  6. Hanne Thomsen, Montgomery 

  7. Keaton Rober, Newport Harbor 

  8. Ashlyn Boothby, Scotts Valley 

Teams or individuals on the watch list not planning on participating in the championship race need to contact meet management no later than September 29, 2023 to be removed from consideration.  After that date, teams and individuals selected will only be allowed to participate in championship race.

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